219 Donie Road, Buffalo, TX, United States

• 2” Vented Fill Cap

• Fuel Level Gauges: Sentry Gauge Float Gauge, Rochester Gauge and Sight Gauge Kit w/vinyl tubing

• Hose Kit:  Everything needed for use with a gravity fed tank.  (Includes: Fill cap, emergency shut-off valve, filter head and element, hose and manual nozzle)

• Emergency Vents: Intended for pressure relief

• Touch Up Aerosol Paint: Custom aerosol paint to match colors

• Reel Bracket: for mounting hose reels

• Portable Dump Box:  This is a 7+ gallon box with a hinged lid.  It has a 2” fitting in the bottom that installs into a 2” fitting on top of a tank.

• Permanent Dump Box: A permanent dump chute can be installed on the top or end of the tank  for adding used oil.  There is also an expanded metal screen installed where filters can be placed to drip directly into the tank.

• Sight Gauge Protector (built on to tank)

• Down Tube/Suction/Fill Pipe

• Pump Platform:  Platform built onto any skid tank for use in installing free standing pump.

• Other:  We can also supply customer with other equipment for tanks - fill detectors, automatic shut-offs, leak detection monitors, air operated pump systems, electric pumps, etc.  Let us know what you need.