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“Powder Coated” : For superior protection our tanks are “Powder Coated”.  The tanks are chemically cleaned, dried, coated with one of our standard quality powders of the customer’s color choice, which is then melted and fused into a smooth coating in our giant baking oven.  The result is a tank encapsulated in a plastic type coating which adheres to the tank and provides the ultimate in protection.  See our full page information sheet on “Powder Coating”.  

Heads:  We have our own head machines and manufacture our own heads for our tanks.  This helps us maintain better quality control of both materials and construction.  It also allows us to have and use the best designed flat head available -not just a flanged flat head, but a “flanged flat head with joggle joint”.  See our full page information sheet on the design feature.

ARB Legs:  Buffalo Tank’s ARB tank provides greater versatility in the use of tanks.  When skids are not needed our ARB tank is a strong, good looking, and economical stand alone tank.  It can quickly and easily be converted to a skid or an overhead tank by securing it (with bolts) to either our newly designed skid or stand.

Skids:  Our new stronger skid provides a tank that is structurally sound, with several other advantages.  See our full page information sheet on this skid.  Skids on the larger tanks, 2000 and 3000 gallons, are very heavy duty.  They are made with “I” beam instead of channel.  

Stands:  Buffalo Tank’s new “one-size-fits-all” stand (100 through 580 gallon)  is strong and good looking.  See our full page information sheet on this stand.  The stand for our 1000 gallon tank is made with heavier materials and is built to be strong.  Most of our overhead tanks are designed for One Man Set Up without chaining the tank to the stand, thus bending the bracing on the stand and scraping paint off the tank and stand.  You can bolt our tank to the stand in the shop, lay it over in a truck, then one man can tilt it off the truck and set it up at the job site.  NOTE: The 1000 gallon overhead is too heavy for one man to handle.

Containment Boxes:  We make steel secondary containment boxes for our tanks.  Secondary boxes provide 110% containment.  These boxes are “powder coated”.  We also provide steel secondary containment boxes for groups of tanks. Additional information on our secondary tanks and double wall tanks is available upon request.

UL142:  Buffalo Tank Company, Inc. is an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. accredited manufacturer of above ground steel tanks - horizontal or vertical cylindrical tanks.  UL tanks are built to UL142 specifications, and include the necessary emergency vents and UL labels.